Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Beyoncé Knowles Earned 115 Million Dollars in 2014

Beyoncé Knowles became the biggest earner American Singer who did her musical shows and concerts in more than 95 cities and gathered money almost 24 Million Dollars per show that is in fact a big amount to discuss and share with the audience. In the same category Taylor Swift came on ranking second and earned a total amount of 64 Million Dollars in 2014. Singer Pink is on third position and in the last year ranking Madonna was on top and on 1st rank but now Beyoncé Knowles has snatched her title and Madonna is on 9th position this year that gave Beyoncé Knowles a big rise in her career and financial boots. Beyoncé Knowles was born on 04th September 1981 in Huston.
Beyoncé Knowles Hair Styles

 Beyoncé Knowles Makeup Styles
Beyoncé Knowles Hair Styles

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