Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bipasha Basu Old Memories and Rare Photos Album

Basu was born in a Bengali family in Delhi and till the age of 8 she remained in Pamposh Enclave, Nehru Place and did her initial education from Apeejay High School. In her childhood Bipasha Basu was very naughty and was cared much at her home.  Due to her tomboy image in her school Bipasha Basu was called by the name of a 'Lady Goonda' and people around her class were scared of her short and commanding personality. Modeling career gave Bipasha Basu an uprise and modeling turned actress became busy in Bollywood films. Jism was release starring John Abram and she got a high public response in her performed character. We have collected few most attractive photos of Bipasha Basu, free images of movie clips of Bipasha Basu and much more on the links.

Labels and Categories of Bipasha Basu include, Dressing Choice of Bipasha Basu, Beautiful Wallpapers of Bipasha Basu, Fashion choice of Bipasha Basu, Hair Styles of Bipasha Basu, Activities and business of Bipasha Basu, Profession and Career of Bipasha Basu, Family life and personal life of Bipasha Basu, Romantic pics and hot photos of Bipasha Basu. She is such a lady that has many feelings in the men and fan hearts.

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